Beaver Brook Reservoir - A Dark Inkwell

Beaver Brook Reservoir

Along the trail to Beaver Brook and a grove of aspen is awash in golden ambiance while wavering in a warm, summer breeze. The sun is just beginning to set so the pine trees are backlit, making for a strange silhouette.

Glowing mountains brood over the water’s edge where tall grasses flicker in the fading light. Around the bend it’s blue hour and a rocky, forest outcrop is dipped precariously into the dark inkwell.

The Beaver Brook Watershed is a rugged ravine that has carved its niche into this remote wilderness. At the eastern edge during an unceremonious exit, the evening’s last light floods a soggy bog of orange woodland.

Awash in golden ambiance

Pine trees are backlit

Tall grasses flicker

A forest outcrop

Rugged ravine

Orange woodland


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