Golden Foothills - The First Hint of Fall

Golden Foothills

Framed by wildflowers, a big, violet boulder marks the beginning of the way up into golden foothills. Around the bend, a slope of mixed vegetation leads to a broken ridge and the blue storm clouds beyond.

The first hint of fall is a surreal splattering of yellow leaves below a pine bough of arched and broken branches. In the low light, a grove of turning aspen seems to glow when set against the coniferous forest.

Their white trunks undulate like wispy ghosts disappearing into the darkness. Under threatening clouds, some must stand alone engulfed by a sea of black trees while we get drenched by a deluge of freezing rain.

A boulder marks the beginning

Slope of mixed vegetation

A surreal splattering

Glowing aspen grove

Wispy ghosts

Some must stand alone


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