Teton Wildflowers - Watercolor

"Teton Wildflowers" Watercolor

During the dead of winter, I start yearning for the sound of birds and the scent of wildflowers. What better way to spend some down time than daydreaming about warmer weather while sketching with brushes and watercolor.

The Tetons are an impenetrable domain of jagged alps straddling Wyoming’s western frontier. Filled with flora and fauna, this rugged wilderness erupts with surreal beauty during the fleeting summer.

Blue trees cascade down into the forest meadows where fresh prairie grass is dotted with a profusion of Indian paintbrush. Looming above this American Arcadia, the spectacular peaks take on a tinge of pink during the peaceful mornings.

The geography is situated at a unique geologic junction. An extraordinary place where the northern plains were folded, buckled and exploded, creating the youngest mountain range in the Rockies.

There are no foothills as the outrageously steep pinnacles span over the surrounding landscape. It may be hard to believe but after spending time in the Teewinot, the natural charm found there might rival the grandeur of colorful Colorado.


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