Panorama of Winter Weather - Rough Seas

Winter Weather

Winter weather has continued to pummel the foothills leaving behind a panorama of white meadows and black forests. The big peaks have all but vanished from the landscape as a layer of thick fog has erased them from view.

The animals are tired of contending with the everlasting cold and wet weather. We are all waiting patiently for Mother Nature’s palette of Spring colors to be painted across the gray environment.

Wide stretches of vast wilderness has become a desolate winter tract into which neither man nor beast wishes to go. Positioned on the Western Front, the region is mired in a rut of mud, muck and monochrome.

There is something hauntingly beautiful about the way the storms come crashing into the mountains. As the new season unfolds, the snow keeps falling in dense squalls that make the trees look like ghosts of the Great White North.

It’s not an ideal situation but battling the harsh elements is the type of adversity that makes us strong. We’ll bide our time while navigating rough seas because in just a few more weeks, we’ll enjoy a summer of smooth sailing.

A panorama of white meadows

And black forests

A gray environment

Something hauntingly beautiful

Everlasting cold and wet

Ghosts of the Great White North

A desolate winter tract

Looking forward to a summer of smooth sailing


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