Beaver Brook Canyon - A Chasm of Chaos

Beaver Brook Canyon

Beaver Brook is a lovely, little stream flowing through a deep gorge gouged out of the forested foothills. A trail to the water follows a series of dark and steamy switchbacks descending the north wall.

On the way down, pockets of lush wildflowers grow discretely in the dark shadows. At the bottom, where the sun doesn’t shine, a broken trail criss-crosses the cold brook by way of several wooden bridges.

Flickering through the dense foliage, the fleeting light is fractured by summer leaves and brush. Like a beast’s lair, the confusion caused by several caves, caverns and rockfalls forms an imposing impediment.

Somehow, the stubborn creek continues to carve its way through the ancient chasm of chaos. Nothing stops its relentless course as a number of nice waterfalls slices through the entanglement of natural debris.

Ascending out of the deep rock well is a chore but slow and steady is the best way to climb the steep stairway back to the rim. It’s not long before the entire perspective changes and views across the ravine extend for miles.

Luckily, the way back up is made in the cool shade. You’ll know you’re out when the sunlight starts streaming into the scattering of ponderosa pine that clings to the cliff’s sudden drop off.

Before long the woodland breaks into an open grassland where buffalo roam. The strenuous return in sweltering heat requires some physical exertion but the gratifying payback is a lonely plateau full of peace and quiet.

Discrete wildflowers

A lovely stream

A chasm of confusion

Slice through the entanglement

Numerous waterfalls

Fleeting light at the bottom

An imposing impediment

A beast's lair

A stubborn creek

A relentless course

Looking across the ravine

A lonely plateau


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