Upper Bear Creek - Fall is Here

Upper Bear Creek

Bear Creek begins its incredible journey at Summit Lake just below Mount Evans. The picturesque tributary flows all the way down through the foothills to its terminus in Denver.

In the town of Evergreen, Upper Bear Creek is restrained by a stalwart dam where it’s transformed into a charming lake nestled in the mountains. A couple of miles upstream from the barrier, Dedisse Trail follows the winding path of the wild waterway.

Before drifting into the wetlands delta, the persistent stream cuts through a narrow, forest-filled canyon. Even though the water is running at its lowest level of the year, the rocks and boulders generate whitewater rapids that still exhibit some impressive force.

Down in the dark underworld of lush vegetation, giant conifer trees grow straight up from the water’s edge. It’s a lively habitat where a red squirrel scolds any stranger bold enough to enter its domain and a blue heron moves in a graceful manner while hunting for fresh fish.

The summer season is as fleeting as the flickering light that shines through the dense woodland, creating white sparkles across the water’s turbulent surface. The blooms are spent, the birds are gone, the elk are back, the days are short and the nights are cold - Fall is here.

A picturesque tributary

A wild waterway

A lively habitat

Trees grow up from the water's edge

A persistent stream

Flickering light

Whitewater rapids

Fall is here

Graceful Great Blue Heron

Temperamental Red Squirrel


  1. I enjoyed these pictures. Thank you for sharing.

    1. Thank you! Such a pretty place. We enjoyed our time wandering around the creek.


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