Winter Storms - A White November

Winter Storms

This year we have skipped fall and descended directly into the dark season as winter storms Aubrey, Bessie, Caleb, Dorothy and Ezekiel have already pounded the foothills with heavy snow. It is generally during the month of March that we receive most of our moisture but the amounts dumped this autumn have been historic.

It is not just the excessive precipitation that is remarkable but also the arctic cold as the deep snow is piled into drifts of feathery powder. The mountains are cloaked in a robe of glittering gray while the limber pine are bent by the weight of thick frost, creating an arched pathway into the frozen, forest kingdom.

When ploughing across the pale meadow, your footsteps make a distinct crunching sound that can only be heard when walking on soft snowpack. December is usually dry so it is unpredictable as to whether we will awaken to a classic Christmas Day but I know one thing for certain - dreams of a White November have already come true.

We have skipped fall

Storms have pounded the foothills

Descended into the dark season

Arctic cold

Historic snow this fall

Deep snow

The mountains are a glittering gray

Winter Storm Caleb

A pale meadow

Excessive precipitation

A frozen, forest kingdom

A White November


  1. Gorgeous photography, as usual. I hope we get snow this winter in South Carolina. Some people think it's funny when our schools shut down, and events are cancelled, because of two possible inches of snow!


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