In the Meadow - Below Bergen Peak

Below Bergen Peak

It is a brisk sunrise in the meadow below Bergen Peak where the solemn monarch presides over the forlorn foothills. Scattered haphazardly across the golden field, ponderosa pine are lonely sentinels overseeing any approach.

After a month of mild weather, most of the snow has melted but there are a few drifts that still survive in the shadows. On this clear winter morning, wispy white clouds are blown across a cobalt blue sky.

The muddy trail, set upon a tilted plain, is a gradual incline that is quite grueling to traverse. While the scenery on this day may not be so spectacular, the sleepy landscape affords some serenity in order to recharge the soul for another year.

Snow drifts survive in the shadows

Wispy white clouds

A grueling traverse

A sleepy landscape

Serenity to recharge the soul

A solemn monarch

Lonely sentinels

Ponderosa pine


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