Clash of the Seasons - A Skirmish of Bad Weather

Clash of the Seasons

While the world is at war with an invisible virus, we have been witness to a dramatic clash between our two most volatile seasons. It is a classic battle between Good and Evil as impatient Spring tries to usher out an unwilling winter.

A couple of weeks of warm weather almost wiped out the last pieces of evidence betraying the dark season. Not surprisingly, on the first day of spring, a fierce blizzard destroyed the early vestiges of calm.

The next morning was bleak as rising temperatures mingled with moist atmosphere, resulting in a veil of condensed fog. Objects close-up appeared with crystal clarity but as the field of vision expanded, the shapes disintegrated into a screen of nothingness.

Wet snow had poured down quietly through the night and accumulated into a heavy pile at least a foot high. The tall pine trees wilted and bowed under the pressure of tremendous weight while smaller ones were smothered in a blanket of flakes.

The steely sunrise absconded with any semblance of color, leaving in its wake a solemn wilderness of sober gray. The feeling of isolation conjured up by the forlorn forest only exaggerated the heightened state of solitude.

Within a few days, the snow had melted and the skirmish of bad weather was all but forgotten. Still sequestered in place, we yearn for a smooth transition between the rival seasons and pray for a swift resolution to the World’s current crisis.

Clash of the seasons

An unwilling winter

A fierce blizzard

A bleak morning

A solemn wilderness

A state of solitude

A forlorn forest


Smothered in a blanket

Condensed fog

Crystal clarity

Yearning for a smooth transition


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