Summer Light and Shadows - A Somber Vignette

Summer light and shadows

During this season, when the weather is warmer and the days are longer, the foothills landscape is defined by distinctive summer light and shadows. Evenings are particularly special because beams from the setting sun pilfer through cloud congregations, resulting in a rather dramatic effect.

At dusk, the mountains turn blue and the trees in the meadow, before casting long shadows across the undulating field, are traced by a luminance that glows. Delicate wildflowers become translucent when their obscure niche is struck by the fading radiance.

Sunsets at the lake are magnificent because now water, which reflects the glorious scenery, has been added into the equation, expanding your viewing pleasure. The peaceful ambiance becomes even more soothing when the rain settles in and, rather than induce melancholy, the muted atmosphere germinates solutions to perplexing problems.

The blossom garden is bursting with optimism as the wind-blown flowers dance joyfully across the preserve of fresh greenery. The gorgeous grounds are a cheerful place to linger because ebullient portraits can be composed from out of the darkness of a somber vignette.

The weather is warmer

Fading radiance

Distinctive light and shadows

Delicate wildflowers

Forest dawn

Evenings are special

Beams pilfer through clouds

A dramatic effect

Bursting with optimism

An obscure niche

Dancing joyfully

An ebullient portrait

Blossom garden

Blue mountains

Peaceful ambiance

Gorgeous grounds

A cheerful place

Glorious scenery

Traced by luminance

Viewing pleasure

Soothing rain

Muted atmosphere

Induced melancholy

A somber vignette

Fresh wildflowers



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