Mountain Basin, Summer - Colored Pencil Drawing

"Mountain Basin, Summer" Colored Pencil

This unforgettable landscape is located in Colorado’s southwestern mountains where during the summer, winter snowmelt is washed through a deep basin. The tapestry of varied terrain is a fantasyland featuring willows, wildflowers and a dazzling waterfall.

Soaring over the incredible scene, jagged peaks possess a pinkish hue in the afternoon’s soft ambiance. The mellow light creates elongated shadows that define the fantastic shapes inhabiting the scenic valley.

The luminous blue sky is reflected in the thread of clear creek that carves a pathway through dense underbrush. A precipice of golden cliffs forms a steep stairwell that descends all the way down to the water’s edge.

Slabs of white snow still cling to the rock wall that encloses the wondrous canyon, betraying the fleeting nature of the dry season. Before long, the moraine will be concealed under a thick layer of glacial ice but this sketch is a sensitive reminder of a joyful, summer evening spent in the San Juans.


  1. Thank you, Dan! Your images in colored pencil and words refresh us in a time when we are not able to see these beauties for ourselves. You are doing your part to bless us in our isolation. I, for one, took time to drink it in today.

  2. Thank you so much! It is such a beautiful place! One of my favorites in Colorado!


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