Blue Bergen Peak - Colored Pencil Drawing

"Blue Bergen Peak" Colored Pencil

Below a blue Bergen Peak, the late winter landscape is a clash of complementary colors, changing seasons and converging perspectives. The spirited mood is heightened by stylized shapes, gradual shading and the application of dense pigment.

Burning under a bright sun, the fiery field in the foreground blazes across the picture plane from crimson red to Spanish orange. The confusion of excessive detail has succumbed to a smooth gradient of analogous colors.

A stubborn remnant from a recent storm, a drift of deep snow lingers in the shadows of a troublesome gulch. Patches of still more snow are scattered across the vermillion grassland that recedes into the distance.

A remarkable pine tree explodes into the composition from the right, dwarfing the other elements during its desperate call for attention. It’s vibrant foliage is an organic swirl of light and shadow that is splayed out into the air.

The sky is broken into two tiers of different compartments separated by a soft-edged line. Pockets of lucid atmosphere show through the bulky tree’s canopy, allowing birds to fly through freely.

Bergen Peak’s boxy profile is painted with blue which designates it to the background. Its dark value sneakily compresses the space, creating a tension that adds subtle drama to the scene.

Another in the Bergen Peak series, this drawing is more expressive as it displays artistic license with flowing contours and saturated color. The mountain is a beautiful, local landmark whose perfection is impossible to reproduce but it’s intense magnetism has issued a challenge that is too strong to resist.


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