Three Sisters Park - A Marvel to Behold

Three Sisters Park

Settled below the eastern slopes of Elephant Butte, there is a quiet quadrant in Three Sisters Park that features a rocky pathway which loops through a stark woodland. Earlier this summer, during a morning jaunt, the peace and tranquility of this lesser-known locale was readily apparent.

On the move by daybreak, the sun’s deliberate diffusion of clear light gradually transformed the look of the lush landscape. Shadows and luminance flickered through the forest creating an effect that fostered delight.

From the trail’s highest point, an open overlook offered unobstructed views of the landmark trio of rocky spires. Jutting into a powder-blue sky, the changing works of art are continually sculpted by wind, rain and ice.

One of the most interesting aspects of the area was the existence of old structures symbolizing the spirit of the pioneer west. I’m certain the evidence confirms that this wilderness, chock-full of wildlife, history and solitude, has always been and will continue to be a marvel to behold.

A trio of rocky spires

A quiet quadrant

Changing works of art

A rocky pathway

Wilderness solitude

Clear light

A lush landscape

The pioneer west

Settled below Elephant Butte

A marvel to behold


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