Sangre de Cristo Sunrise - Light Conquers Darkness

Sangre de Cristo sunrise

Winter nights in the high country are obscure, eternal and inclement and the inkwell of black firmament is glittered with a profusion of silver pinpoints that contradict the startling silence. It’s a beautifully eerie combination of contentment and discomfort.

Down in southern Colorado, there’s a mountain range that’s as rugged as it is remote. Rising out of a desert situation, the chain of needle-sharp peaks extends all the way into New Mexico, transporting its picturesque allure across state lines.

The mountains are called Blood of Christ and if you ever witness a Sangre de Cristo sunrise, you’ll understand why. Just before dawn, the first solar rays are reflected off of snowy summits, creating a rosy alpenglow that astonishes the retina.

The steady transformation unfolds even more dramatically when a setting, full moon shines brightly in a purple sky. The crimson sierras come into full relief as the forceful contrast between light and shadow defines the surreal shapes.

After the pinkish atmosphere gradually dissolves, a basin full of life begins to emerge. Cattle graze peacefully in a swale of vast grassland while a herd of mule deer gather around a pleasant reflection pond.

Making the trek to explore a region untainted by progress is a much need respite from complicated circumstances. Morning in the Wet Mountain Valley demonstrates an observable truth - even during times of turmoil, light conquers darkness.

Winter nights are eternal

Full moon shines brightly

Beautifully eerie

Extending to New Mexico

Rosey alpenglow

Picturesque allure

Needle-sharp peaks

Surreal shapes

Forceful contrast

Blood of Christ

The transformation unfolds

A peaceful swale

The atmosphere dissolves

A basin full of life

A pleasant reflection pond

Morning in the valley

Light conquers darkness


  1. Never gets old such beauty! Pop right on the other side...where I spent my high school years! I'm trapped in a city yearning to go somewhere near there or near Southpark...


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