Sprague Lake Winter - Colored Pencil Drawing

"Sprague Lake Winter" Colored Pencil

“Through art we can change the world.” ~ #twitterartexhibit

It’s a rough day in the Rocky Mountains but some of the prettiest hues on the planet can be seen at lonely Sprague Lake. A breaking storm gradually reveals a dynamic landscape distinguished by rugged beauty.

Concealed in a remote corner of Glacier Gorge, the reservoir is graced with coarse grandeur. During a tenacious winter, arctic weather crashes through the valley creating a callous environment.

A relentless force of frigid cold has infiltrated the turquoise tarn, freezing it solid. Casualties of an immortal west wind, the remains of fallen timber are strewn along the obscure shoreline.

Applied with a single layer of pure pigment, an icy palette of predominately blue emphasizes the already melancholy mood. The broken trees are angled in such a way as to exaggerate perspective lines, producing the illusion of deep space.

The solemn wilderness is topped by primordial peaks that melt into the celestial sphere. The speedy sketch attempts to express the harmony of color and composition found in nature, encouraging the artist to transform this ideal onto a grander scale.

Sprague Lake Winter is my contribution to the upcoming Twitter Art Exhibit: Cheltenham. This unique event is an international exhibition of original postcard art supporting The Leukaemia and Intensive Chemotherapy Fund.

LINC is a local charity that supports patients and families fighting blood cancer.


“We try to be their lifeline by offering emotional support, their relief by providing financial grants, their comfort by funding extras for the isolation side rooms and the breakthrough by funding research into potential new treatments ...


We can only be all of these things for patients and families if people choose to be the LINC too. Despite the reduced charitable fundraising opportunities during the lockdown, LINC has continued to be there for our patients. Money raised will enable LINC to fund the posts of two clinical psychologists who work to help patients cope with a cancer diagnosis as well as the added complications and fear of COVID. It is people like you who make this possible.” ~ LINC

Proceeds from TAE21 will enable LINC to continue to provide emotional and financial support for people receiving intensive chemotherapy.

Twitter Art Exhibit: Cheltenham is the twelfth installment of this open, international exhibition of handmade postcard art for charity, donated by artists from around the world.

Social media plays a major role in the Twitter Art Exhibit. It is their intention to tweet, share and promote contributing artists to thank them for their participation, and to make this event a success for all involved.

The event will be highly publicized and well attended by art buyers and enthusiasts, members of the press, local artists and the TAE community.

For more information, please check out this link: Twitter Art Exhibit


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