Northport Blues - A Comforting Tapestry

Northport Blues

Located on the distant side of the river, Northport is concealed in the faraway Sandhills of western Nebraska. From a high overlook, the idyllic valley is a comforting tapestry woven together from cottonwood trees, corn fields and cattle pastures.

While out on the prairie wandering with the pack, it feels like you can march a million miles without ever seeing another soul. We accompany a little creek as it makes a lonely journey through remote ranch land until the confluence with the doleful North Platte.

A herd of horses grazes near the riverbank but their curiosity is perked by the stranger who approaches their barbed fence line. Broncos are more prevalent than people as they are an important part of the very fabric that binds this frontier society.

The region has been in a terrible drought but as a result, dry air allows warm light to infiltrate the peaceful vale. With not even a patch of snow, there is no White Christmas but on this special evening while roaming around at sunset, the remarkable landscape glitters in silver and gold.

Glitters in silver and gold

An idyllic valley

Warm light

A remarkable landscape

A lonely journey

A peaceful vale

Remote ranch land

Wandering with the pack

Horses bind society

The doleful North Platte

Horses graze near the riverbank

The faraway Sandhills

A comforting tapestry


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