Blue Inlet - Colored Pencil Drawing

"Blue Inlet" Colored Pencil

It is a late spring morning at Evergreen Lake and a potent storm has blanketed the foothills with wet snow. The only living creature bearing witness to the extraordinary landscape is a Canada goose, drifting quietly across the water’s rippled surface.

The blue inlet is defined by the irregular contours of dark reflections that mirror the surrounding pine forest. This cold channel meanders through a snowy marsh painted white but dappled with squiggly, gray shadows.

A mountainside’s choppy ridgeline descends into the narrow valley creating an effective backdrop for the stand of pale aspen trees. In the far background a jade-colored peak offers just a touch of warmth to the otherwise cool, color scheme.

This wilderness expression is an enigmatic puzzle of interlocking shapes that vibrate from the contrast generated by passages of flat and shaded chroma. The solemn composition is crackled with facets of pigment that are layered, burnished and smudged.

Lingering innocently well through the aftermath, powder-edged clouds begin to disperse into the celestial sphere above. Carefully transcribing the challenging subtleties of a complex weather event is effective therapy for an unsettled mind. 


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