Dedisse Park - A Niche of Paradise

Dedisse Park

The eastern most section of Dedisse Park is a sliver of lost wilderness overlooking the heart of Evergreen, Colorado. Picturesque reflections, mirrored in the sparkling blue reservoir below, circulate through the memories of all those who visit.

A dense forest of mature pine is wrapped around the hillside offering tranquility and shade from the scorching, summer sun. This niche of paradise is little known even to locals who have inhabited the area for a long time.

A steep ascent to the pinnacle of the park rewards the climber with astounding views of the surrounding foothills. As fleeting thoughts come and go, the crest of this rocky outcrop is the perfect place to focus on the clouds and clear a busy mind.

A lost wilderness

Sparkling blue reservoir

Astounding views

Little known to locals

The heart of Evergreen

A niche of paradise


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