Bergen Peak from Evergreen Lake - Colored Pencil Drawing

"Bergen Peak from Evergreen Lake" Colored Pencil

A swift breeze sweeps across the surface of Evergreen Lake sending ripples through the reservoir’s vivid reflections. It’s springtime in the foothills so fresh greenery is on display but the willow brush and aspen trees are not yet in full bloom.

The whole Bear Creek Valley has come back to life and Bergen Peak looms over the scene, its north face cradled by a web of branches and pine needles. The reinvigorated forest reaches to the water’s edge where a slender tree leans into the vibrant landscape.

After enduring a perpetual winter of deep freeze, the vernal atmosphere raises the spirit to a higher level of longing. Like the small cloud drifting across the drawing’s page, nothing stays the same as nature seems to thrive in constant change.


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