Summer Snowstorm - A Startling Rebellion

Summer Snowstorm

After about a week of warmer weather, summer’s first glimmer was promptly extinguished by winter’s last gasp. The cold front swirled into the area disrupting the local inhabitants’ annual activities.

It was just days before the unofficial start to summer when an intransigent snowstorm pummeled the foothills into a deep freeze. The startling weather rebellion was a dramatic turn of events that shocked the unsuspecting ecosystem.

The sturdy pine trees were cemented with a plaster of heavy, wet snow, bending limbs almost to their breaking point. The greening meadows were buried under immense drifts that swelled like waves in a great, white sea.

Down at the recently thawed lake, the black water contrasted sharply with the frosted marshland. The fresh inkwell captured faithful reflections of the entombed valley’s stark beauty.

Low hanging clouds skimmed across the summits of background peaks creating an imposing atmosphere. The intimidating effect conjured by the surreal scene was tempered by a veil of glossy mist.

An aura of down-hearted light permeated the somber landscape infusing compositions with an icy vignette. The tranquility associated with the aftermath of such a storm was an invitation to endure its hostility.

A brisk wind and bitter cold only added more discomfort to this unusual grievance. I was convinced that the possibility of more snow didn’t exist but the resiliency of winter in the mountains has proved me wrong, again.

Winter's last gasp

A cold front swirled in

A startling rebellion

A deep freeze

A snowstorm pummeled the foothills

A fresh inkwell

Down-hearted light

A frosted marshland

Low hanging clouds skimmed across summits

The valley's stark beauty

The resiliency of winter


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  3. Great photos. I love the snow. Can't believe it was so warm, then got so cold, so quickly.

    1. Thanks so much! We usually get some Spring snow but this seemed later and it was such a tremendous amount. It is finally starting to feel like summer here so I’m looking forward to get out on the trail and taking some more pics. Thanks again! ~Dan


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