A Colorado Artist in Disney World

Full Moon over Epcot

It was a normal day, up early, off to work, pickup kids from school, soccer practice and supper. But that night was different, my wife announced those five famous words "We're going to Disney World." Wait...what? I know what you're thinking, so was I. How cliche, a family of four on the obligatory pilgrimage to the Mecca of amusement parks. What about snorkeling with penguins in Antarctica or that photography workshop in the Galapagos or studying the Old Masters at the grande museums in Europe? Not Disney World, the symbol for everything that goes against what I believe in.

As a humble artist living in the Colorado mountains, I cherish simplicity, peace, morality and spiritualism. Disney World is about complication, confrontation, decadence and materialism. I'm a sensitive soul searching for answers to life's great mysteries, not a seasoned tourist on a frenzied quest for fun. Try and explain that to my two boys who were dancing hysterically through the house. I reluctantly packed my bag and off we went. We were flying in from the North, Hurricane Isaac was blowing in from the South. A collision was inevitable.

I've never been East of the Missouri River so the tropical habitat was fascinating. The contrast between dry, brown Colorado and wet, green Florida was stunning. The inclement weather actually worked in our favor because the crowds were thin and the lines were short. We rode the rides, watched shows and played games. We needed that vacation, the kids loved it. It brought us closer together as a family and created memories we'll never forget. The roller coasters gave me a headache and the exotic food upset my stomach but there were elements of extraordinary beauty to satisfy an artist's eye. I must confess, I enjoyed myself and I'm glad we went. Someday, maybe, I'll make that trek through the mountains of Peru to Machu Picchu.

Castle Reflection

Tropical, Green Florida

Tree of Life

Palm Tree

Head-rattling Rollercoaster


  1. Living here in Florida, we tend to forget how magnificent "green" is year round...but your blog, Dan, reminded me of all the good things about living in Florida. It is really hot and muggy here right now...but lovely and green that is for sure. I also love this blog article because it reminds me of the joy of travel and its rewards. Really nice job on this one, Dan.

    1. Thanks Vera,
      We really did have a good time. We'd never been to the East so it was very different. I loved the tropical habitat and of course the exotic birds and reptiles. I'm more of the adventure travel type but our two kids had the thrill of a lifetime going to the theme parks so it was worth it.


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