Canada Goose - Colored Pencil Drawing

"Canada Goose" Colored Pencil

A Canada Goose bathes in the warm sunshine of an early spring day. Its reflection shimmers across the surface of chilly, Evergreen Lake. During the cold winter, the lake becomes literally an ice skating rink. When this happens the geese leave searching for a milder climate. They're not gone for long, though, because they are easily tempted back to even the smallest pool of open water.

These elegant birds are delighted to swim about and graze on the local vegetation. A long, sleek, black neck and a black head with a white chinstrap distinguish the Canada Goose. The body plumage is colored with rosy beige and golden ochres. Because these large waterbirds are so common, I think their beauty sometimes goes unnoticed.

The goose is loyal to family and will fiercely defend its territory. If threatened they are well equipped to handle the situation. The Canada's powerful wings are capable of delivering a blow of surprising force. Rarely does a natural predator like a fox, coyote or raccoon take a full grown goose.

Many geese feel comfortable enough to spend the molting season in Evergreen. Molting is when adult geese lose their wing feathers and cannot fly. This occurs from early June until late July. To safely molt, geese must be near water and an easily accessible food source. A great place to view Canada Geese during the summer is Buchanan Ponds.


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