Evergreen Lake Summer - Colored Pencil Drawing

"Evergreen Lake Summer" Colored Pencil

A cool mountain breeze offers some relief on a warm, summer day at Evergreen Lake. Puffy, white clouds race across the wide, open sky and because the lake is a reflection of the scene above, it translates as clear and blue.

A sparkling blue spruce stands guard over the weathered boardwalk and the green grass is starting to turn brown from the scorching sun. Summer is the busiest season at the lake as red-winged blackbirds are nesting, Canada geese are bathing and the cormorants, with wings outstretched, are drying out on the dam.

About 100 years ago the dam was built across Bear Creek just above the small town of Evergreen. A lush mountain meadow was flooded, creating the lake visible today. The purpose was two-fold, prevent the annual spring flooding in Bear Creek Canyon and provide a beautiful setting for outdoor recreation.

In the summer, the lake provides opportunities for boating, fishing, hiking and birding. Some of my favorite bird sightings have been White Pelicans, Kingfishers and Osprey. In the winter, the frozen lake is transformed into a rink featuring ice skating and hockey.

The spirit of Evergreen Lake pumps lifeblood into the surrounding area. There is a certain charm that circulates through the people during concerts, cook-offs, weddings and the other events that happen at the Lake House.

Evergreeners are very protective of their water, motor-less boats only, no swimming and a catch and release program. You can detect the pulse of the community just by visiting the lake. This crown jewel of the Denver Mountain Parks system is definitely the heart of Evergreen.


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