The Brook Forest Inn - Ghosts, Germans and Gold

The Brook Forest Inn is southwest of Evergreen

It was the summer of 1943 near Evergreen, Colorado and the Brook Forest Inn was a luxury resort nestled in a stand of lodgepole pine at the base of Black Mountain. Carl was at work in the nearby livery stable when he learned that his wife, Jessica, had been unfaithful.

Jessica also worked at the inn and she was preparing the Monte Carlo Room for that evening's guests. Carl stormed in, confronted her and a violent altercation ensued. Fueled by a jealous rage, Carl strangled Jessica to death. Overcome with guilt, Carl returned to the stable, constructed a rope noose and promptly hung himself. The stunning tragedy shocked the idyllic mountain community.

A few years earlier, before the outbreak of World War II, a suspicious group of German tourists checked into the hotel. They claimed to be on a bicycle tour of America. Come to find out, they were actually spies. They used the place as a headquarters while they studied and mapped the United States for Adolph Hitler.

It is reported that the dining room carpet covered a large swastika painted on the floor. To this day, it is believed that Nazi gold from Hitler's personal war chest is buried somewhere in the labyrinth of secret rooms and tunnels that are now sealed off, underground, beneath the resort complex.

Not long after Carl's murder/suicide, a small child became sick and died from influenza in one of the third floor rooms. That's when mysterious occurrences started to be documented. Visitors on the third floor have heard children giggling, running up and down hallways, and knocking on the doors even though no children were in the hotel at the time.

Carl's spirit has been seen prowling throughout the inn on several occasions. Neighbors have reported seeing a full apparition of a woman on the Monte Carlo Suite balcony when the resort was known to be vacant. Other reports include the smell of rotting flesh, objects moving on their own, light anomalies and ghostly sounds.

Ghosts are defined as the spirits of dead people that for some reason are "trapped" between this plane of existence and the next, often as a result of some tragedy or trauma. Do I believe the Brook Forest Inn is haunted? I don't know for sure, I've never actually stayed overnight there.

The Rocky Mountain Paranormal Research Society recently investigated the claimed paranormal events and concluded - "With the data obtained thus far there is something unusual (whether manmade, nature, or supernatural) occurring at the Brook Forest Inn."

Locals will tell you as well, "There's something strange going on up there at The Brook."

The inn is nestled in a lodgepole pine forest

Nazi gold may be buried in the catacomb 

Mysterious occurrences have been documented

After the murder, Carl returned to the livery

Neighbors have seen an apparition

The interior front lobby of the inn

There may be something supernatural


  1. very interesting Dan..enjoyed reading the story.

    1. Thanks, Chinneo.

      I don't know if all the incredible stories about the place are true or not but they've been circulating locally for a long time. The original hotel is almost 100 years old and has a very colorful past. We actually lived right across the road from the place for about seven years. I used some firsthand knowledge, a little bit of research and photos to try and express the mysterious beauty of Brook Forest. Just in time for Halloween!

  2. I think I saw a documentary of haunted hotels/inns. I want to say on the History Channel about a year ago and I remember seeing a story about this one with the children laughing! Great read and I love the photos!

    1. Thanks, Judi.

      I've never seen the documentary but it wouldn't surprise me because I think the inn has earned a reputation. We used to live up there in Brook Forest across from the inn for about seven years and loved it. Up there we experienced a snowstorm that dumped 8 foot in five days. We were snowed in for a week. Also, black bears are very common in Brook Forest. It's easy to get good photos because it's a very mysterious, beautiful place.

  3. I use to live there when I was a kid alot of crazy things happen there no one was allowed on the third floor

    1. That's unbelievable, I'll bet it was interesting. We've lived in Evergreen for 15 years and heard a lot of crazy stories too. Although, I've always enjoyed going out and visiting the Brook.

  4. We lived there when it was still "The Brook Forest Inn"the hub of the brook.where you would set up the bar everynight & all the locals would sit in their same chairs.Before all these "owners" tried to change its history and appearance.notice non have succeeded.WHY because Carl & Jessica WON'T allow it.yes its haunted and yes I beleive they are protecting its true history.Its true no dogs will willingly go on the 3rd floor.Yet when my daughter was little she'd play up there only then would the dogs go up there with was as if they knew it was ok as long as she was with them.Kristy would tell em its ok Carl & jessica wont hurt us.And they never did.But they could be of there favorite things was turning on the lights & music in the back bar.especially when strangers showed up and wanted to see them.So they'd oblige by little stunts.not once did strangers hang around after that.Or they did it to piss the bartender off it always worked.Shed bitch at them & tell em to find something else to amuse themselves with.So yes there.IS NO dought they exist.And are trying to keep their home as it was.Admit it or not every new owner has felt their rath.


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