American Dipper - The Hummingbird of Blooming Waters

American Dipper also known as Water Ouzel

"He is the mountain streams' own darling, the hummingbird of blooming waters, loving rocky ripple slopes and sheets of foam as a bee loves flowers, as a lark loves sunshine and meadows." ~ John Muir

Inhabiting the rivers, streams and waterfalls that cascade down out of the Rocky Mountains is a unique resident with an exuberant passion for life. The American Dipper spends its entire existence in or near fast-flowing water happily focused on the bare necessities; family, food and shelter.

Also known as the Water Ouzel, it's a master architect designing spherical nests that cling precipitously to riverbanks, bridges and cliff ledges. Constantly singing and bobbing, the always optimistic dipper goes about its merry way, seemingly unaffected by poor luck, bad weather or human presence.

A million years of evolution has equipped the dipper with adaptations that enable it to hunt where others cannot. The stout bird braves the freezing rapids and flies underwater, leaving no stone unturned in its search for aquatic insects and larvae.

When out in nature, there are always lessons to be learned. Observing the dipper placidly navigating an icy torrent is a perfect example of staying calm in the midst of a storm. So when life gets crazy, take a cue from this laid-back, little bird and just go with the flow.

The dipper is a unique mountain resident

It spends its entire life in or near rushing water

Constantly singing and bobbing

The dipper is adapted to hunt underwater

It eats aquatic insects and larvae

The dipper is a laid-back, little bird

Staying calm in the midst of a storm


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