Mills Lake - Inspiring Dreams

Mills Lake, Colorado

"In years to come when I am asleep beneath the pines, thousands of families will find rest and hope in this park." ~ Enos Mills

Enos Mills was a distinguished author, photographer, nature guide, lecturer and adventurer, but he was probably best known as the "Father of Rocky Mountain National Park." He promoted Colorado's pristine wilderness through his articles, books, lectures and photographs.

Enos hoped to educate the public about the importance of preserving large tracts of land in the scenic mountain west. After a six-year struggle urging Congress to create such a refuge in the Northern Front Range, the national park was officially established in 1915.

Dwarfed in an environment displaying breathtaking views at every turn, Mills Lake may be the prettiest place in the park. Black like an inkwell, the reservoir is exhibited at the bottom of a deep gorge that has been gouged by an artistic creek.

The beautiful landscape is strewn with a chaos of giant, polished boulders. Stare across the water and you'll observe the distorted crags that provoked imaginative name giving. There's Chiefs Head Peak, Pagoda Mountain and my personal favorite, The Keyboard of the Winds.

The peaceful setting encourages the viewer to contemplate nature's vast mysteries. Spending a restful afternoon on the shores of Mills Lake is truly inspiring. After all, Enos Mills has proven that through hard work and determination dreams really can come true.

Mills Lake is dwarfed by the mountain environment

An artistic creek sculpted the gorge

A chaos of polished boulders

A peaceful setting

Longs Peak and the Keyboard of the Winds

The lake was named after Enos Mills

The lake may be the prettiest place in the park

It's an inspiring place

Dreams really can come true


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