Evergreen Sculpture Garden - A Sunday Stroll

A snowy morning surrounded by sculptures

"Sculpture is the art of the intelligence" ~ Pablo Picasso

Spent a snowy, Sunday morning surrounded by stunning sculptures. Just down the street is a natural amphitheater containing fertile soil. Here, art-in-the-round is grown from the seeds of creativity.

The Evergreen Fine Art's Sculpture Garden displays some incredible works by talented artists. Most of the pieces are Western-themed and express the spirit of the wild but some have a more modern feel.

A larger-than-life mountain lion overlooks the open-air gallery where a charming, gravel path leads the viewer between three-dimensional forms. The circuitous route ends in a hypnotic forest of kinetic sculptures.

On the plot you'll see wolves howl, river otters at play and a mischievous black bear. Canada geese glide through cattails below a golden bronze that sparkles in the sunlight. The dramatic conclusion is a pair of majestic eagles engaged mid-flight.

Situated in a rugged mountain setting, the visitor is allowed to examine the sculptures by contemplating their size, shape, subject matter and construction. You can also explore their texture, surface and seamless relationship with the local landscape.

My impression of the scene has led me to believe Picasso was right. I'm mostly a draughtsman but here I can appreciate sculpture as the art of the intelligence. It appears intelligent people work not only in science but in the arts as well.

Evergreen's sculpture garden is down the street

Canada geese glide through cattails

A mischievous black bear

Majestic eagles

Sculpture is the art of the intelligence

Wolves howl

There is a spirit of the wild

River otters play

A giant mountain lion overlooks the garden

Situated in an amphitheater

The hypnotic forest

Some of the sculptures are quite modern


  1. I am always in awe of artists. Such beautiful creations, the details are amazing!

    1. It's a nice place just down the street from us. I'm not very good at sculpture, you must be able to envision things in three-dimensions so I really admire the work that is on display there.

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