Rainbow Hill - A Golden Morning

Silvery aspen in a golden meadow

Most scientists believe Bigfoot doesn't exist, the universe wasn't made in seven days and there aren't really pots of gold at the end of rainbows but those legendary myths are unique metaphors that express a certain truthfulness not found in literal interpretations.

North out of Evergreen, we went up over Rainbow Hill where our Saturday morning search for gold came true. We discovered a land where bluebirds fly, red foxes hide and the goldeneye dive. It's a place where the Great Divide is forever white and skies are blue.

We followed the yellow rock road into a meadow of silvery aspen. Warm light filtered softly through the dark spruce and fir. An autumn breeze broke the silence and made waves for orange mallards dabbling in the cold, green lake.

People will tell you don't waste your time going after something impractical and foolish, but don't listen, just continue on your journey. Keep chasing rainbows and maybe the dreams that you dare to dream really will come true.

Warm, golden light

The Great Divide is forever white

Red foxes hide

There was an Autumn breeze

Orange mallards dabble

The common goldeneye is a diver

Continue on your journey

Keep chasing rainbows


  1. Fantastic photo's with the Aspen. I always think they're the prettiest trees and when the leaves blow it sounds wonderful.

    1. They're one of my favorites too. They have a very distinct "Rustle" in the breeze.

    2. Your fox photo is so captivating, suitable for framing and quite unique! Thank you for sharing the beauty of Evergreen with your truly lovely images.

    3. Thank you. The fox was shy at first but then it got curious and came out so I was able to get a couple of lucky shots. I enjoy wandering around the area and capturing images of the places we see everyday.


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