Bergen Peak Winter - Colored Pencil Drawing

"Bergen Peak, Winter" Colored Pencil

On a misty morning at Elk Meadow, the hazy atmosphere creates an air of mystery. The solemn scene is painted with a limited palette of blues and the slightest hint of orange. Two snow-covered pines are set against a simplified background of soft-edged forms.

Pale Bergen Peak is a monumental icon contrasting with the gloomy sky. A row of evergreens has become a battered barrier between the windswept field and icy mountains. In the foreground, a curious shadow weaves its way across an undulating surface of fresh snow.

It's an austere landscape silenced by frozen tranquility. The sense of isolation and loneliness can be overwhelming. For some miserable souls, the long dark winter is a source of despair, but just as golden light touches the mountain crest promising a sunny afternoon so will there be better days to come.


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