Snowy Day Bergen Peak - Colored Pencil Drawing

"Snowy Day, Bergen Peak" Colored Pencil

On a December morning, clear blue skies foretell bitterly cold temperatures. White as a ghost, Bergen Peak is a powerful apparition looming over the snowy landscape. Capturing such a remarkable moment in time is a fleeting opportunity that can't be missed.

Golden light permeates the blank canvas, infusing the scene with passages of surprisingly warm tones. It's morning so the ponderosa pine cast long, transparent shadows that skim across the choppy terrain. Evergreens are sprinkled with fresh snow creating intricate patterns of white lace.

Just like waves in the North Atlantic, the windswept meadow forms whitecaps that flow out of the foreground. The calligraphic line work is described by spirited dots, dashes and squiggles. The drawing is an expression of excitement and enthusiasm.

Look at it from an optimistic point of view, we still have ten more weeks of glorious winter.


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    1. Thanks Courtney. A little bit different from my usual style, more calligraphic. I wanted to try and express some optimism about this year's difficult winter.


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