Painters Pause - A Place Where Artists Linger

Elk Meadow and Bergen Peak

Painters Pause trail is a gravel path descending southward into a confluence with a watery gulch flowing out of Bergen Peak. The alluring mountain is an irresistible backdrop for the creatively inspired. With brushes and easel in tow, it's a place where artists linger.

It's a cold morning during a solitary sojourn through Noble and Elk meadows. The aspen are mere skeletons against the drab pine. Long, violet shadows rippling across the yellow field are an interesting note during an ordinary sunrise.

The wilderness is just now coming back to life. Elk have lost their winter coats and graze peacefully. Bluebirds are back but prefer to keep their distance. The familiar tune of the meadowlark is heard although the vocalist cannot be seen.

A relentless wind and everlasting light foretell a seasonal change. After a long, monochrome winter, patience is a virtue. Anxiously awaiting those shades of green, spring must be close. Not so fast my friend, it's supposed to snow tonight.

Painters Pause is an inspiring trail

A watery drainage

Bergen Peak is a dramatic backdrop

A place where artists linger

Noble Meadow

Troublesome Gulch

Bare aspen and grazing elk

The wilderness is coming back to life


  1. Is that really the name of the trail, Painter's Pause? If so, the person who named it was quite romantic! Looks like you changed your header too.

    1. Yes, this very scenic trail is called Painter's Pause, probably the most popular hike in Evergreen. I updated my layout around the first of the year. I wanted it to be more customized but still simple.


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