Spring Snow - A Most Unpleasant Storm

A most unpleasant spring storm

On Mom's special day, Mother Nature unleashed her fury. In the middle of May we got hit with the most unpleasant storm of the year. After an unusually dry winter, the snow came in waves of large, moist flakes that poured down from above like rain. The surprise blizzard disrupted a holiday, soccer games and nest-building. There were angry birds perched in the cold, white meadow.

Irritated robins became feathery puff balls waiting patiently for better weather. Meanwhile, agitated red-winged blackbirds sought refuge in the surrounding cattails. Native conifer trees and budding aspen remained defiant as they were well adapted to handle the barrage of heavy snowfall. In the distance, the softened edges of mountainous contours melted into the misty atmosphere.

Volatile weather offers the artist an opportunity to experience nature in a more interesting way. Dark storms produce rare lighting effects that can't be found on a perfectly sunny day. You must work fast because after a shot of sunshine and warmer temps, the release of moisture into the ground will infuse the landscape with a kaleidoscope of fresh colors and striking contrasts.

The snow came in waves

The surprising blizzard was disruptive

There were angry birds

An agitated redwing

White Meadow

The cattails were a refuge

A late spring snowstorm

Mountains melted into the misty atmosphere

Experience nature during bad weather

Rare lighting effects

The snow-covered lake


  1. Love the pictures of the irritated birds Dan! Your snow brought us cold temperatures here in New England! The weather has been crazy!

    1. Thanks Judi, I don't think anyone was happy about this last spring storm particularly the birds. Sorry for sending it your way. I was able to get out into the middle of it though and get some pictures.


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