Blue Lakes - A Land of Rock and Ice

Blue Lakes, Colorado

During the first part of the journey, we looked at all the life. There were plants and goats and marmots and things. Blue Lakes was a cool pond of icy indigo stair-stepped in a deep moraine.

After a while, we were dwarfed by a massive summit called Quandary. We continued through the mountains hiking towards a peak with no name. It felt good to be climbing without pain.

Further up, unstable snowfields slid into the transparent lake. We listened to the chirping of marmot calls. The eerie echo ricocheted between steep canyon walls.

A chilly breeze skimmed snowy peaks. It funneled across the lake delivering an arctic blast. The thawing ice sheets were shattered into frosty shards of floating glass.

Pouring down from a headwall, the creek became a rush. Crossing through frigid water cut like a knife. Granite, gray giants enclosed the valley in an austere tomb of rock and ice.

To the chaos and confusion below. We returned from the peace and quiet above. Under the cities lies a heart made of ground but the humans will give no love.

The first part of the journey

Rocky Mountain Goat

Yellow-bellied marmot

A pond of icy indigo

Stair-stepped in a deep moraine 

Massive Quandary Peak

A peak with no name

A transparent lake

The creek rushes out of a headwall

Frigid water cut like a knife

An austere tomb

A land of rock and ice

We returned from the peace and quiet above

A heart made of ground but the humans will give no love


  1. Simply beautiful Dan - gorgeous photography, as usual, and the words and heart of a true poet. Absolutely lovely. Thank you for sharing your soul with us.

    1. Thanks Deb, it was an incredible hike to a beautiful, inspiring place. I tried to have a little bit of fun with the post. I'm glad you liked it.


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