Mountain Lion Loop - Unfamiliar Territory

Mountain Lion Loop

"Courage is being scared to death... and saddling up anyway." ~ John Wayne

One day this summer, we left the safety and comfort of our hearth and headed into the high country. We logged an out and back at Mountain Lion Loop on a warm August afternoon. It was unfamiliar territory, a land where uncowardly lions leap from pine tree limbs. Fortunately, such a frightful encounter never transpired.

Instead, we found flowers, butterflies and bluebirds. Up out of Golden, the gorgeous meadows were gushing with greens and yellows. It was a glorious day in the mountains. We continued ever further, leaving behind the crowds and cell service. We faced our fear with a faith that we would enjoy a triumphant return.

Beyond the crest, we strayed from the path and made a risky, cross-country romp out to a scary cliff edge. Under a cloudless sky, the perch overlooked a quiet creek where white rocks were bleached by the scorching sun. Regaining the right track, our unjustified concerns were met with an unwavering confidence.

So close to the finish, the way was blocked by immovable obstacles beyond our control. We were forced to improvise and boldly blaze a new trail home. Back at the barn, as we prepared for our next misadventure, we recounted our bravery with a laugh. Remember, always be courageous and if you fail... fail with enthusiasm.

Unfamiliar territory

Lions leap from tree limbs

We found bluebirds

and flowers

Meadows were gushing with greens and yellows

A glorious day in the mountains

White rocks were bleached

Fail with enthusiasm


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