Lake Isabelle - Colored Pencil Drawing

"Lake Isabelle" Colored Pencil

"If you could say it in words there would be no reason to paint." ~ Edward Hopper

This range is distinguished by an indescribable beauty. Neither photos nor sentences can capture the scale and grandeur of such a special place. An exquisite legacy from the last ice age, Lake Isabelle is as elegant as her name would suggest.

In the heart of the Indian Peaks Wilderness, it's calm before the storm. Bound by the purple sky, thunder rumbles in the background. Rising out of the summer's greenery, the ridge line appears violet while a cobblestone pathway is closed by cascades of sliding snow.

A wonderland in the winter, the warm weather has transformed the entire area into a watery world teeming with flowers and wildlife. The lake is rippled by drops of rain, serrating the surface into a surreal reflection while the moist atmosphere has washed the landscape clean.

Only the essential shapes and colors are allowed to stay. The turquoise water is ice cold and rushes out of the foreground into a soggy moraine. I know we must also leave but I swear I can hear the mountains calling, "Won't you stay, just a little bit longer?"


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