Nebraska Cornfield - A Circular Stroll

A Nebraska cornfield

I'm a child of the corn, a bug-eater and a husker. I was raised on a farm in Western Nebraska where a colossal cornfield was our backyard. They've been suffering from a terrible drought but this summer the sunflowers have gone crazy and the corn is as high as an elephant's eye.

Follow the dogs around the crop and you'll discover a field full of life. Avoid the stickers and watch for woodpeckers in the old tree stand. The hills are alive with a kaleidoscope of color. A profusion of colorful wildflowers decorate the normally brown pastures.

Atop the fell, an irrigation canal is running high where the views are sublime. It's a far-reaching panorama of farmland featuring Chimney Rock, clearly visible from fifteen miles away. Despite their decay, a pair of Chevy trucks seem surprisingly picturesque.

Backlit against a cloudy sky, Longhorn cattle bring a dramatic dimension to the circular stroll. Down by the creek, trample across a corner of winter wheat. Hot, tired and hungry, we make it back to the old homestead where the smell from the kitchen is unmistakable. Corn on the cob, it's what's for dinner.

I'm a child of the corn

The sunflowers have gone crazy

Watch for woodpeckers

Colorful wildflowers

An irrigation canal

Chimney Rock is clearly visible

Surprisingly picturesque

Longhorn cattle

The bull is a dramatic dimension


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