Evergreen Lake Fall - Colored Pencil Drawing

"Evergreen Lake Fall" Colored Pencil

It's a cheerful, chilly day at Evergreen Lake in colorful Colorado. Elk are in the annual rut and a bull's haunting bellow echoes through the narrow canyon. Bear Creek remains motionless while fingers of new ice stretch across the frigid stream.

Expressed with disorderly strokes, golden cattails in the foreground are a linear element set against the tonal landscape. Bright, warm tones blaze across the page, contrasting sharply with somber peaks and the icy inlet.

A row of red trees is a transparent partition hinting at the snow-covered lake beyond while whispy, white clouds sail across the clear, blue sky. After such a splendid, sunny season, we're hoping an awesome autumn awaits.

The busy boardwalk is uncharacteristically quiet and most of the birds have bolted for warmer climes. Even so, Fall is probably my favorite time of year. So, enjoy our exquisite Indian Summer while it's here because soon the snow will be flying.


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