Evergreen Memorial Park - A Pensive Garden

An impressive bison

While waiting for practice to end, wandering down to Evergreen Memorial Park is like walking back in time. Set in Colorado's Front Range foothills, the sprawling meadow serves as a cemetery, wildlife preserve and wedding ground. The weathered barn chapel, complete with stained-glass windows, is a symbolic structure and fitting tribute to the early settlers of Evergreen and the Old West.

Just like days gone by, buffalo roam across a golden plain and gather on the muddy banks of a lively watering hole. Occupying a rocky domain, amusing goats and friendly fallow deer greet the visitor with unbridled enthusiasm. Further along the path, an impressive herd of antlered elk is tame enough to be hand-fed. The curious critters use their long, sticky tongues to swipe pellets of compressed hay directly from your clutch.

An interesting ritual is the daily occurrence of congregating clouds that seem to melt into the cool-blue mountains. The fascinating weather effect blesses the evening landscape with a contemplative light not found anywhere else. Surrounded by antiques and artifacts, the pensive Garden of the Pioneers is a peaceful place to remember our past and an inspiring spot to try and foretell the future.

The weathered barn chapel is symbolic

Complete with stained-glass windows

Buffalo gather around the watering hole

Goats occupy a rocky domain

Friendly Fallow deer

A herd of antlered elk

Tame enough to be hand-fed

Clouds and cool-blue mountains

Blessed with heavenly light

The garden is a peaceful place to remember our past


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