Bells Canyon Lower Falls - A Hellish Endeavor

Lowers Falls in Bells Canyon

Deep in the Wasatch Mountains, Bells Canyon Creek begins its long descent from a remote reservoir. The spirited stream rushes through an infernal gorge where it cascades into a glorious waterfall.

In order to attain the lower falls, you must ascend an unmarked trail that’s been worn through dense foliage. During the summer, a sweaty scramble up to the sheer overlook is a hellish endeavor.

Upon arriving at the demonic destination, you are showered with cold water and a deafening roar. You must proceed with caution near this treacherous torrent or risk being swept into the steep abyss.

Despite the danger, it’s a wish-list destination where angels undoubtedly land. During this difficult journey you may fall into despair but don’t sell your soul to the devil, use only God-given strength to get you there.

Bells Canyon Trail

Deep in the Wasatch Mountains

A spirited stream

A glorious waterfall

The trail is cut through dense foliage

A strenuous scramble to the overlook

Showered with cold water and a deafening roar

A treacherous torrent

A steep abyss

A wish-list destination


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