Chavez Trail - It Soothes the Soul

Columbine on the Chavez Trail

Down in Beaver Brook it was a sunny day on the Chavez Trail. Traversing a north-facing slope the dense forest was deep, dark and damp.

The little known out and back starts with a steamy descent and you'll finish in a sweaty mess. The strenuous hike is a weekend workout.

After such a wet spring, a profusion of Columbine has collected on the moist mountainside. The pretty perennial is Colorado's state flower.

Swaying in the summer breeze, these wildflowers appreciate sunlight but prefer cool shade. They're usually seen settled up against a tall pine.

Always in the foreground, green grass carpets a cathedral of arched aspen. The altar of open air is a perfect place to commune with nature.

If you're searching for silence, Chavez Trail will fill the bill. It's a great place to exercise the heart and soothe the soul.

Little known Chavez Trail

The forest is dark and damp

A strenuous hike

Colorado Columbine, the state flower

Swaying in the summer breeze

The wildflowers prefer shade

Green grass and aspen

An altar of open air

A place to soothe the soul


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