Chief Mountain - A Pedestal for Panoramas

Chief Mountain

Rising out of Colorado’s Front Range foothills, Chief Mountain is a rocky pedestal for panoramas. The top juts up just above tree line and offers some of the best views in Clear Creek County.

All of the area’s big peaks can be surveyed from this single spot. Massive Mount Evans looms to the west while beyond, the distinct contour of Grays and Torreys is unmistakeable.

Bulky Longs Peak has a block-shaped summit that can be clearly seen to the north. Down south towards the Springs, Pikes Peak is barely visible as a ghostly apparition painted with pale blue.

During this season, all is quiet so the lonely mountain is delighted to receive guests. Squawking for attention, a pair of gray jays swoop close by and mingled amongst the rocks, chipmunks scurry for cover.

Traveling up Squaw Pass Road, yellow aspen are an obvious indication that fall is here. As pretty as it is now, I’d like to come back in a month or so and see what this place looks like when buried under a foot of snow.

Rising out of the Front Range foothills

A rocky pedestal

Above tree line

Best views in Clear Creek County

Massive Mount Evans Wilderness

Grays and Torreys Peaks

Bulky Longs Peak

Pikes Peak is pale blue

All is quiet

A lonely mountain

Fall is here

I'd like to come back when there's snow


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