Dedisse Park - An Underrated Excursion

Bear Creek at Dedisse Park

Dedisse Park Trail is an obscure pathway unknown to even many, long-time locals. The shady sanctuary starts at the Catholic Church, skirts Evergreen Lake and rises sharply towards Three Sisters Open Space.

Just like riding a rickety, old roller coaster, hiking this rugged trail reveals a remarkable series of high and lows. Rushing through down at the bottom, Bear Creek is clear, cool and inviting especially during the summer.

On up, a wide ridge works its way into Alder Ranch. The place where rocky crags jut into a powder-blue sky. After scaling to the top of one of these towers, the scenic views are as spectacular as any around.

Dedisse is well worth a visit despite the unpredictable ups and downs. Beginning at a humble house of worship, this underrated excursion drops you into a deep chasm but it eventually lifts you out of the darkness and ends on a high note.

An obscure pathway

Evergreen Lake

Remarkable highs and lows

A wide ridge

From the top of a rock tower

The scenic views are spectacular

Dedisse is well worth a visit

Unpredictable ups and downs

A dark forest in the deep chasm

Ends on a high note


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