Buffalo Park - A Spirit of the Old West

Mount Evans Wilderness

Buffalo Park is a wide meadow settled beneath the magnificent Mount Evans massif. Today, there are no bison to be seen so this area is best known for its bountiful wildlife, uninterrupted alpine views and dramatic sunsets.

Forged out of an expansive pine forest, the open grassland is an important oasis for horses, deer and elk. All three species are often seen peacefully grazing together below the gleaming white peaks looming in the background.

Forming a nice foreground for the lovely, fall landscape, a row of silvery aspen is a precise seasonal indicator. Whiteout conditions like howling wind and frigid cold are a common occurrence as winter weather in this vast valley can be wild.

Generating thunderstorms almost every afternoon, unusual cloud formations swirl across a deep-blue sky in the summer. During the spring, a pretty, little pond is concealed by willows and it’s the undisputed domain for a family of red-winged blackbirds.

The park is a place with working ranches where the barns are weathered and horses are a viable mode of transport. To get there you must travel to Evergreen, then head out past Elephant Butte and once the road turns to dirt, you’ll discover a land that still exhibits a spirit of the Old West.

Magnificent Mount Evans

Alpine views

Dramatic sunsets

The open grassland is an oasis

Elk and horses graze together

A row of silvery aspen

Howling wind and frigid cold

Winter weather is wild

Unusual cloud formations

A pretty, little pond

Red-winged blackbird

There are working ranches

Horses are a viable mode of transport

A spirit of the Old West


  1. What a lovely change of scenery that would be for me. It's not that I don't live in a beautiful place. It's just that I'm seeing so many more places in the blogs of friends I'd like to explore. I've always loved Colorado.

    1. I know, that's what's fun about the social media. I mostly travel in the Rocky Mountain Region but online I feel like I can travel worldwide through other blogs.


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