Indian Peaks Wilderness - Watercolor

"Indian Peaks Wilderness" Watercolor

Drenched in golden light, the Indian Peaks Wilderness is renowned for it pristine lakes and spectacular mountain range. During summer, the kaleidoscope of subalpine colors becomes even more intense.

Confined by a jagged shoreline of fiery willows, Long Lake reflects a deep, blue sky. The forested hillside of patchwork greens juts into the picture and offers some relief from the blazing sun.

Looming over a narrow valley, the ochre peaks are monolithic in appearance while timeless snowfields continue the sculpting process. The ancient crags are recorded with broken brushstrokes of analogous hues.

Accessible as a sanctuary from civilization, primitive countryside is coveted with special reverence but I’ve never been able to do this place justice through photography. Hopefully, the painting above expresses my admiration for the Indian Peaks because my photographs do not.


  1. Wow. This is a stunning painting. I've always enjoyed your art, Dan.

    1. Thanks, it's a little bit different from my natural style but it was fun to try something new and experiment with a different medium and technique.


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