Kittredge, Colorado

Kittredge, Colorado

Straddling Bear Creek, Kittredge is a small village tucked into the foothills between Morrison and Evergreen. Terraced into the mountainside, the picturesque community resembles something you’d see on a Christmas card.

Integrated into the town’s edge, Lair O’ the Bear Park is an alluring canyon gouged by a winding, black waterway. Bordered by a forest of gnarled cottonwoods, the riparian landscape reveals color during all seasons.

Blessed with beautiful scenery, abundant wildlife and a rural demeanor, the humble township is more than appealing. If you’re ever looking for someplace new to live, Kittredge would be the perfect place to put down roots.


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    1. It looks cold because it was extremely cold on that day. I think it was below zero when I took this picture. I wasn't outside for very long.

  2. This place looks beautiful and I imagine it to be a very quiet, peaceful place to live

    1. Yes, Kittredge is definitely an peaceful mountain town.


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