Northport, Nebraska

Northport, Nebraska

On a warm, summer evening in western Nebraska, Northport is a wonderful relic set in an infinite prairie of yellow grass. Still standing in a secluded pasture, the abandoned little-house seems like an idyllic place.

As the setting sun drenches the landscape with golden light, a rickety windmill still works but the rest of the neglected grounds is in ruins. A rare spectacle in the vast sandhills, the big tree looks to be in vigorous shape.

Erected by spirited pioneers so many years ago, the ramshackle homestead is a cordial reminder of glorious days gone by. As another one comes to an end, so perfect is this peaceable kingdom that it must be a dream.


  1. Loving your photography and enlightening descriptions. Makes me want to visit Colorado some day.Carmel visiting fro A-Z challenge
    Library Currants

    1. Thank so much. I hope you're able to make it out here someday.


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