Houston - A Treacherous Travel Experience

Houston during a monsoon

Mid-April, we flew to the nation’s fourth largest city for a hoops tournament and survived a truly treacherous travel experience. We departed Denver during a blizzard and landed in Houston during a monsoon.

H-town is a polished metropolis distinguished by sweltering heat, high humidity, heavy rain and unexpected u-turns. Punctuated by a profusion of palm trees, the spring greenery seemed especially exotic.

A network of elevated highways weaves its way through the glittering domain of glass and steel. While I don’t have anything against the urbane and sophisticated, I just feel more at home in the high country.

The basketball jamboree was a dream come true for my son who played against some of the best players in the nation. Getting out of town on Monday was a nightmare as bad weather forced the cancellation of our pre-dawn flight.

We frantically scrambled to find a way back and after a long day filled with worry, we luckily managed to board a plane bound for the West. After spending a few soggy days down on the bayou, it’s good to be home.

Spring greenery

A glittering metropolis of glass and steel

The basketball was a dream come true

Our departure was a nightmare

After a few days on the bayou

It's good to be home


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