Reflections on the A to Z Challenge


April was even more difficult than I could imagine as it was marked by snow, the A to Z Challenge, limited artwork and a travel adventure in Houston, Texas. I wasn’t able to get much drawing done but my hand is still sore from all of the writing.

My theme was travel photography so most of the posts were about places we’ve already been but I had to use GPS to find Xenia’s location. X always seems to present problems as we made a special trip in order to truthfully document the abandoned townsite.

Posting every day is difficult enough but keeping up with the commenting is a struggle so that’s something I’m still trying to finish. All in all, it was another great experience because I met lots of creative people and discovered some inspiring blogs.

Formatted below is a list of my favorite sites from the last month. If you get the chance, please check them out:

Courtney Turner
Maui Jungalow Giving real information for people who live on Maui or people who are curious about what life on Maui is really like.

Barbara Radisavljevic
Paso Robles in Photos Daily photos of the Paso Robles / Templeton area of the California Central Coast.

David Kravetz
Less Beaten Paths Enjoying the ride on the back roads of America.

Tawnya Rivers
Authentically Living Authentic Inspiration.

The Frog Lady Engineer by Day; Frogger by night!

Rhonda Albom
Albom Adventures Living in New Zealand and traveling the world, expat Rhonda Albom takes you on a vicarious adventure through travel photography, stories, tips and humor.

More about Houston next week…

April was difficult

Marked by snow

The theme was travel photography

Xenia, Colorado

Another great experience


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