Gore Range Sketch - Colored Pencil Drawing

"Gore Range Sketch" Colored Pencil

It's summer in the high country and a blanket of wildflowers covers the steep slopes below Ute Pass. Looming over a slender valley, the Gore Range is composed from an array of incredibly jagged peaks.

Heaped on top of the purple mountains, deep snow still persists even until the end of June. Dark woodlands are curved hastily across the rolling foothills, creating a tapestry of verdant greens.

The beauty of Blue River Basin is an irresistible impression. Sketched quickly in plein air, this pencil drawing might sometime in the future provide the framework for creating a more finished piece of art.


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    1. Thanks! Such a nice day so I tried to do some sketching from life and maybe use this piece as reference for a more finished drawing.


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