Red Rocks Park - Happy Days

Red Rocks Park, Colorado

Up out of Mount Vernon Creek in the steep foothills west of Denver, an extraordinary arrangement of red rocks has shattered the western skyline. A network of dirt paths and sheer stairways are woven through the bustling venue.

Taking center stage in this natural backdrop is the unique amphitheater that hosts world-class performances by musical artists. The place is always warm during a summer dayhike while weekend shows heat up the night.

Looping around an ancient garden of sandstone, the Trading Post Trail is a favorite as it features lively songbirds above and yellow snakes below. Here, the park's colorful cliffs contrast sharply with the fresh, green foliage.

Down on the Dinosaur Ridge, seasons have changed but up in the high country there's still lots of snow. This time of year, the semi-arid environment that describes this region is the perfect place for a solitary sojourn.

After surviving a dark winter and a difficult spring, the longer light and fragrant wildflowers fill the air with a sense of guarded optimism. It’s been just a few weeks of subdued patience but now it appears as though happy days are here again.

Mount Vernon Creek

An extraordinary arrangement of red rocks

A summer dayhike

Trading Post Trail

Spotted Towhee

Yellow bull snake

Colorful cliffs

Green foliage

Seasons have changed

A solitary sojourn

Fragrant wildflowers

Happy days are here


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